Ever heard of the term bromance? Well when we first met it was like meeting our sister from another mister. We guess you could call that a sismance? nevermind. Point is, we were kindred spirits in a very competitive and demanding industry. follow our journey. indulge in our obsessions.
Maple and 9th
Amanda Seyfried has come a long way from playing a character whose boobs could tell the weather.
We couldn’t imagine a better pairing than Amanda and Givenchy.  Their spring campaign solidified our girl crush.
lesson: mix animal prints in the same color family.  also note the prints are in the same scale.

that’s my idea of a power suit.
total obsession over this PINK fur coat.  now you might think that this trend is fleeting but a great fur coat is timeless.
even if it is pink.
craving shaggy rocker hairstyle courtesy of Flare magazine
Nicola Formachetti inspires us to think outside of the box
sexy stripes.
model allison kadoche showing us how covering up can be even sexier.
golden eye.
and brows, courtesy of Christian Dior Spring ‘14 show, sparked debate in our office the other day.  and brought us to ask ourselves “when is it too much?”
my answer: you can never please everybody.  aim to please yourself.  you will know when it’s too much and sometimes gentle encouraging by your friends helps too!
canadian tuxedo has never looked so good.
denim on denim + chanel boy bag
file this one under: OBSESSION
As an MUA & Licensed Esthetician, I understand the importance of how eyebrows shape one’s face. Ask Julie about how much nagging she gets from me for not taming her brows. Eyebrows are essential just like mascara & chapstick!
Want to learn how to shape brows in 4 easy, peasy steps?
—->Tools: M.A.C Spiked Brow Pencil (or Lingering for lighter hair) & Angled brush
Step 1: Draw the tail of your brows first, start from the arch and drag down along your brow bone. Don’t be scared to drag too far, you can always clean with q-tip.
Step 2: Lightly outline your brows, using same brow pencil, from the bottom of the start of your brows and connect to the arch
Step 3: Lightly color in brows, using the same brow pencil, from the middle of brows to arch (this doesn’t have to be perfect since you will blend in the next step)
Step 4: Using angled brush, blend until desired look is reached (I usually do about 4-6 medium strokes then stop)
NOTE: Ladies & Gents, Your brows are sisters NOT twins. Do not try to make your brows symmetrical to each other because no matter how hard you try, THEY WILL STILL NOT BE SYMMETRICAL & NO ONE EVER NOTICES! Just accept them for who they are and spend the extra time popping a bold lip or something ;)